School Board

School Board Members

Georgie Shanks                   Presiding Member

Alec Tang                               Deputy Presiding Member

Anna Jennings                     Member

Greg Burne                            Member

Vicky Stewart                       Staff Representative

Megan Clotworthy              Principal


Annual Report

Annual Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2021


Charter and Strategic Plan

Royal Oak Primary School Strategic Plan 2023-2025


School Board Meetings

2024 School Board meetings will be held on the following Monday’s at 6pm in the school staffroom:

Monday 26 February,  Monday 25 March,  Monday 27 May,  Monday 01 July,  Monday 19 August,  Monday 23 September,   

Any changes to these dates will be advertised in the school newsletter.

Next School Board meeting will be held on Monday 27 May  2024 at 6pm in the staffroom. 


BOT Minutes

School Board Minutes 26 June 2023

School Board Minutes 14 August 2023

School Board Minutes 18 September 2023

School Board Minutes 06 November 2023